sorry i am going to rant about “after” again because the story itself made me so angry. 

 so as i already stated, a ton of my middle school students are binge reading this fic. Everyday they would come in and tell me all about it. They would tell me all the horrible stuff that harry was doing and how they felt so bad for the girl in the story.

They would run into my office and yell, “omg harry is such a dick, i can’t believe him.” 

Then not 3 minutes later would run back in and say, “omg she should totally get back together with him, he is like really sorry this time and promises he wont do it again!”

This pissed me off to no end. Having been in an emotional abusive relationship I know what the cycle of abuse looks like and my girls were being sucked into it in a fic! They were exhibiting the same actions and words of someone who is actually stuck in an abusive relationship. 

After having many talks with students about this fic I just started recommending larry fics to my kids because i knew the ones that i recommended would have healthy relationships in them.

that is now the end of my rant on the fic and a desperate beg of anyone and everyone to not make this into a movie or into a bigger fic than it already is.

k thanks


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Then write your congress representatives directly!  No matter what state you live in, your federal legislators will vote on this.  Tell them to vote NO on raising Shasta Dam!

This is not a drill.  This is as real as it gets.

now that the truth is out, beyonce is now confirming that SERFBORT is indeed inspired by that one time she bumped into harry on the shore trying to wash sand out of his butt


when someone says something dumb and you look to your friend like


14,559 plays what's my name - niall louis tomlinson look who's texting me

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"Being black is not a crime." South Sudanese and Eritrean refugees protest against prosecution in Tel Aviv, Israel 



No media about the fact that there’s a All Male,  African American High school on the southside of chicago who year after year has a 100% graduating senior class who ALL get accepted to 4 year universities/colleges.

they just want to talk about how whether a person’s death on the southside is gang related or not.


This is ridiculously impressive.

I’m just looking up sources, and the statistics are really incredible.


i’ve never seen this before


jesus christmas

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idk why yall want a movie about harryandlouis no one can even come close to replicating that chemistry

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Anonymous asked:
Do you have a picture of harry in a black leather jacket


Tupac Shakur, 21 Nov 1995 at the Brotherhood Crusade Thanksgiving charity event in L.A.


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